Imbiber Beads® Demo at Abu Dhabi Ports at Mina Zayed October 2019

On October 10, 2019 at 10 am local time in Abu Dhabi Trilogy Systems and IMBTEC with our local Partners Al Ghaith Oilfield Services were invited to carry out a live demonstration at the port grounds to show how the Imbiber Beads® can actually contain and remove harmful spills of hydrocarbons, chemicals, engine oil etc. The following set of photographs give but a brief view of the excitement of seeing those beads in action and the speed at which they reacted with the hydrocarbons spilled.

Trilogy and IMBTEC were very pleased to host a live demonstration sponsored by Officials from Abu Dhabi Ports.

The demonstration started by putting an Imbiber Beads® blanket in a trough that is filled with seawater and engine oil (black in color) and diesel fuel. In a second trough we added an Imbiber Beads® Boom also filled with seawater, engine oil and diesel fuel. The boom id the round tube filled with Imbiber Beads®. You can see the black color of the engine oil which was added to the seawater which was colourless. The beads start to work immediately as soon as they touched the liquid. After about 4 minutes both the blanket and boom were removed.

The black water with the engine oil and diesel fuel were absorbed completely and the water became clear again.

Mr. John Brinkman, CEO of Imbiber Beads® (first on the right) monitoring the demonstration with the officials from the port authority.

Before the live demonstration we gave a briefing and presentation on the process and the responsiveness of the Imbiber Beads®. WE had a small demo using small containers to show how the beads are not affected by water and do not absorb water and that after the beads absorb the harmful liquid they contain that liquid and will not release it even if squeezed.

The results were evident within 4 minutes from the start, the blanket absorbed all the engine oil and diesel fuel and the water underneath the blanket was clear.