Trilogy has partnered with world renowned factories and distributors of commodities with Verified Product Certificates

And Verified Company Certificates


Commodity buyers constantly endeavor to explore and expand their supply base. They look for the most competitive price, superior product quality and an extremely efficient and flawless delivery service. Trilogy Commodity Trading provides its clients (both buyers as well as sellers) a fair, trustworthy, efficient and professional services. Be it alacrity, transparency, uprightness, competitiveness, or ease of doing business, there is no need to look any further. We are exemplary in what we do and our clients rarely find any reason to look elsewhere..

Based on the initial information the client provides to us, we will contact the client personally, and will assist in getting started with the best suited counterpart. We service qualified buyers and/or sellers who are serious about finding the right product at the right price.

For best long term results, we encourage clients to establish mutually beneficial mandate relationship with us.

​Clients can take great advantage of our expertise in sourcing commodities, products and services and get rid of the never ending stress of finding genuine buyers or sellers and let our professional team work for you. We make sure that all offers made through us are genuine and the products are of the highest world standard with guaranteed availability

We welcome you to take the opportunity to put our resources and expertise to work for you. Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions.​

Commodity Type

  • Precious Metals (Gold)

  • Food (wheat, Sugar, Soya)

  • Metals (Copper, Aluminum)

  • Hydrocarbons (Jet A1, Gas Oil D2- D6, Crude Oil)

  • Fertilizer (UREA 46)