Precious Metals 

Precious Metals: Such as gold is a commodity in wide circulation and being traded with very specific 

Gold is one of the most popular assets in the world. This precious metal has proven its value over and over with its impressive track record. Trading gold can be dangerously and exciting. Exciting because you can make money beyond your wildest imagination if you know what you are doing, and dangerous because this instrument has no qualms decimating the accounts of a trader who tries to trade it without the relevant knowledge and experience. 

Inter-market relationships can be helpful in trading gold. As such, it's important to watch the euro and the U.S. dollar index as well as crude oil prices for clues on gold's trending action; they are important outside markets for the precious yellow metal. It is important to note that gold prices have rallied nearly every time the dollar has dropped. When gold rallies, oil usually rallies along with it. 

Thus, the strategy of gold trading has no difference with any other strategy. All indicators and time intervals are the same. The only outstanding feature of this pair is that it requires more capital from the trader. Central banks of countries are largest participants on the gold market. Therefore, this factor must be taken into account as well when one constructs gold trading strategy. 

At Trilogy we have the expertise in handling the trading between Gold buyers and sellers and have accumulated the experience needed to manage the analysis before accepting the trade. Such elements as the purity, age , precise weight and the form its being offered (nuggets or bullions) gives us the advantage