Food Products

Trilogy Systems has been recognized as a major supplier of food commodities working with large suppliers well noted for their quality and professional support. The following are the food commodities we can provide:

*Wheat Grain or Flour

*Sugar (ICUMSA 45)

*Non GMO Soybean

*Poultry Products

*Beef Products

*Pork Products

* Wheat (Grain or Flour) * Non GMO Soybean * SUGAR (ICUMSA45)

* Chicken Parts (PAWS, Wings, Thighs) * Beef Parts * Pork Parts

The specifications we provide for each of the food commodities are compliant with International Standards and approved by each buyer before a contract is signed. Product inspection by the buyer or SGS report will provide final confirmation of the quality and specifications before payment or shipping.

Chicken - Beef - Pork Products


Chicken Thighs

Chicken Wings